A Year Without Polio in Africa

Today, we mark a tremendous milestone: one full year without a single case of polio caused by wild poliovirus in Africa.

A polio-free Africa has been within sight for over a decade. Health workers, community leaders, government officials and global partners helped reach 230 million African children with the polio vaccine, often under some of the most difficult conditions imaginable. Together, we have done what once seemed impossible: we have stopped polio in Africa.

Africa’s last polio case occurred in Somalia on 11 August last year. Nigeria, one of the last three polio-endemic countries, reached one year without a reported case on 24 July. The World Health Organization (WHO) may soon remove Nigeria from the list of polio-endemic countries. When Africa goes three years without a case of polio, WHO will certify the region as polio-free.

Find out how we reached this milestone: http://bit.ly/AfricaPolio

Contribute to End Polio Now: http://www.endpolio.org/donate

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