Bombs away!

Our second annual “Bomber Flight Raffle” and club-fundraiser is taking off.bomber

What’s a bomber? It’s a 22-ounce bottle of beer. For just $5 you can purchase a raffle ticket and have a chance to win up to 24 bottles of various kinds of beer. Purchase your tickets from any Rogue Gateway Rotary Club member.

1st place — The B52 Bomber: 24 bomber bottles of beer
2nd place — The Dive Bomber: 18 bomber bottles of beer

3rd place — The Stealth Bomber: 12 bomber bottles of bee
4th place — The Scout Bomber: 12 bomber bottles of beer

We’ll hold the drawing at Griess Family Brews, 220 SW H St., Grants Pasimage4s, at 6 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 29. You don’t have to be present to win, but if you are there, you’ll also be
eligible to win some great door prizes, taste some beer, and join Rogue Gateway Rotary Club members in a night of fellowship.

For more information, contact Doug Walker at 541-660-2178 or Delynn Scharpen at 541-660-4321.

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