Get in on the Super Bowl pool

Rogue Gateway is hosting a Rotary Foundation Super Bowl pool now until the big game Feb. 7. The prize is a Paul Harris Fellowship. Here’s how it works:

  • There are 100 squares on the grid to be sold at $10 each.
  • Each $10 is contributed to The Rotary Foundation in the buyer’s name and counts toward our goal of Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY).
  • When all 100 squares are sold, we will draw one team’s name for the numbers across the top of the grid; the other team will have the numbers down the side of the grid.
  • Then we will draw the numbers 0-9 that will be at the top of each column and on the side of each row.
  • When we have the final score of the game, we use the last digit from each team’s total points to find the winner of the Paul Harris Fellowship by going across the columns for the score of the team at the top of the grid and down the rows for the score of the team on the side of the grid. The person who bought the square where those two numbers intersect is the winner.
  • To play place your check or cash in the basket by the grid set out near the greeting table, sign your first name and last initial on the squares you want,
    and we’ll take care of the donation paperwork.

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