And the winner is…


IMG_3849 (2)

Rogue Gateway’s newest member, Cindy Low, drew the winning tickets today for the club’s annual “Wine Not?” raffle, as Steve and Dawn Welch, Debbie Ameen, and Laurel Merkel looked on.

Four lucky wine lovers won a total of 60 bottles of Oregon wine in Rogue Gateway’s annual “Wine Not?” wine raffle.

Caleb Laplante, who is a member of the Greater Grants Pass Rotary Club, won first prize: 24 bottles of exquisite Oregon wine. Dan Vidlak won second place,
18 bottles of luscious wine; Patti Kramer won third place, 12 bottles of scrumptious wine; and Linda Cobb won fourth place, six bottles of tasty wine.

Club members were asked to sell or buy at least 10 tickets and contribute at least two bottles of wine to the raffle, which raises fund for the club’s service projects.

Other prizes went to Rogue Gateway President-Elect Doug Walker, who sold the most tickets; member James Dunn, who visited at least four wineries the past month, and member Sally Snyder, who sold the first-place ticket. Dawn Welch, who oversaw the raffle, said the club raised in the neighborhood of $3,000. 

Thanks to everyone who sold or purchased tickets. All proceeds help our club “do good in the world.”

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