Celebrate Super Bowl and make your annual TRF donation

Rogue Gateway is among a select-few of clubs in Rotary District 5110 to earn Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY) status. That means every member in our club has donated to The Rotary Foundation annual fund.


To make EREY achievable, the club sponsors an annual Super Bowl party and pool. This year’s party is set for Sunday afternoon, Feb. 1, at Spurlock Art & Wine, 202 N. Redwood Hwy,  Grants Pass. Fun, fellowship and contests are planned.

Prior to the event, members are invited to purchase three squares in the pool for just $25. The winner of the pool earns a Paul Harris Fellow, a prestigious award named after one of Rotary International’s three founders.

For details, contact Greg Fishwick at 51-373-3714.

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