Club History

Rogue Gateway Rotary Club was founded on May 6, 1992, with 37 charter members. The board of directors were:

Don Myrick, president
Dave Thomason, president-elect
Jackie Reithoffer, vice president
Steve Roe, secretary/treasurer
Cheryl Kincaid, director
Roger Harding, director
Thom Martin, director
Bob Sisk, director

The other founding members were Mike Chanquet, Linda Beauchamp, Doug Hamilton, David Nelson, Bill Meyer, Katie Duncan, Jim Hitchcock, Harry Mackin, Bob Putney, Carla Robertson, Butch Ulstad, Larry Schwein, Bob Chalupa, Mark Goracke, Tony Lynde, Mike Forshay, Jeri Lynn Gudgel, Kathy Krouse, Diane Swint, Richard Ward, Mike Bird, Cindy Patterson, Debbie Brownell, Vince Matt, Chris Mecca, Brenda Patton, Laurel Samson, Jeff Henderson, and Ed Ley.

Past Presidents:

Don Myrick Jr. 1992-1993
Jackie Reithoffer 1993-1994
Ed Ley 1994-1995
Mike Chanquet 1995-1996
Diane Swint 1996-1997
Harry Mackin 1997-1998
Bob Chalupa 1998-1999
Steve Roe 1999-2000
Debbie Brownell 2000-2001
Raleigh Chinn 2001-2002
Kathy Peckham 2002-2003
Harry Mackin 2003-2004
Ken Lindbloom 2004-2005
Marie Hill 2005-2006
Chris Cauble 2006-2007
Andy Luther 2007-2008
Jodi MacDonald 2008-2009
Margaret Bradford 2009-2010
Dave Mathews 2010-2011
Rick Wilson 2011-2012
Jodi MacDonald 2012-2013
Gina Marie Agosta 2013-2014
Brenda Patton 2014-2015
Greg Fishwick 2015-2016
Doug Walker 2016-2017
Win Howard 2017-2018

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