Club Service

Club Administration Committee – Assists the club president with administrative responsibilities to increase effectiveness of club operations. The club Administration Committee (aka Executive Board) includes the club officers: president, president-elect, president-nominee, past president, secretary, and treasurer. The committee:

  • Helps meet the club’s annual goals
  • Helps the club secretary track and follow-up attendance
  • Maintains club membership lists for reporting to Rotary International
  • Helps the club treasurer collect dues
  • Performs necessary duties in absence of club secretary and/or treasurer

Fellowship Committee – Organizes social events for club members and their families such as:

  • Chili cook-off and dessert throw-down
  • River trips
  • Fifth Thursdays

Foundation Committee – Helps sustain the work of The Rotary Foundation (TRF) through education, participation, and grant projects.

  • PolioPlus Campaign to eradicate polio worldwide by 2030
  • Paul Harris Fellowship and other donor recognition programs
  • Wine/Beer raffles and Super Bowl/World Series pools

Grants Subcomittee — Coordinates with club committees and other local, regional, district, and international clubs on collaborative grant projects within TRF framework.

  • Prepares, submits, and manages all District and Global Grants
  • Maintains club certification and compliance with Rotary International requirements
  • Ensures that all necessary reports are filed and proper financial records are maintained

Fundraising Committee — Works with the Board of Directors to develop, promote, manage and report on fund-raising events to meet the club budget. Examples of activities include:

  • Beer/wine raffles
  • Super Bowl/World Series pools

Membership Committee – Promotes all three phases of membership: attraction, assimilation, and engagement. Interviews potential members and oversees new member applications, induction, orientation, and mentoring. Responsibilities include:

  • Developing innovative ways to attract potential new members
  • Hosting quarterly Firesides for new members to discuss Rotary with existing members
  • Working with Sergeant-at-Arms Committee to schedule new members as greeters—preferably with mentors/sponsors. Greeters arrive early to greet club members and guests, handing out badges, promoting the 50/50 RYLA drawing, and mentioning any sign-up sheets available.
  • Working with the club secretary to follow-up members with low attendance and personally contact those members to explore barriers to their involvement

Program Committee – Schedules a variety of interesting and appropriate speakers for programs throughout the Rotary year. Develops program ideas and actively solicits and accepts help from club members; coordinates with other committees. Responsibilities include:

  • Identifying, scheduling, arranging, and introducing program presenters
  • Communicating expectations and guidelines to presenters
  • Assuring any technological and logistical needs for presenters are met
  • Maintaining and publishing a calendar of programs (ideally two to three months in advance) to be shared with the club president and the Public Relations Committee

Rotary Minute Program Subcommittee – Presents an interesting piece of Rotary news or information to the club in approximately one minute at weekly meetings. Provides an avenue for members to learn more about Rotary.

Public Relations Committee – Works with all committees to coordinate communications and publicity both internally and externally. Responsibilities include:

  • Creating and distributing the club’s weekly newsletter, The Navigator, informing club members and others about scheduled programs and other pertinent information. Currently published in in an e-mail format sent to members, past members, and potential members in advance before each meeting and as a printed version distributed at the weekly club meeting
  • Contacting newspapers, radio and television stations with news about club activities
  • Maintaining and updating the club Website and social media pages (i.e., Facebook) with club news and information such as photos; announcements and links to club, district and RI events; new club members; board and committee chairs, program schedule, etc.
  • Assisting the president in creating an end-of-the-year celebration and recognition assembly

Sergeant-at-Arms Committee – Helps maintain orderly, fun, and effective club meetings that make a good impression on visiting Rotarians and guests.

  • Handles physical preparations for weekly meetings by arriving early to set up meeting room (club banners, lectern, flags, etc.). Works with Program Committee to meet needs (media, etc.) of program speakers. Stays after meeting for breakdown and cleanup.
  • Raises money for club projects by soliciting “happy bucks,” applying small “fun fines” to members, and conducting quizzes or interactive exercises/games that also promote fellowship and Rotary education
  • Organizes the weekly 50/50 drawing for RYLA funds and delivers proceeds to Treasurer

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