Community Service

Community Service Committee – Collaborates with various local organizations to arrange club participation in hands-on community service projects. Identifies (and/or develops) club service projects, contacts organizers to arrange club participation, and coordinates club member involvement in projects such as:

  • Rogue River Cleanup
  • Cozy Toes/Backpack stuffing
  • Kids Color Run

Duck Derby Committee – Arranges for club participation in combined Rotary fund-raising event involving all four Josephine County clubs. Includes:

  • Organizing duck sales (Growers Market, Josephine County Fair, etc.)
  • Organizing and conducting data entry
  • Overseeing race-day logistics

Literacy Committee – Collaborates with schools, libraries, and other partners to participate in, develop, and/or fund literacy projects. Promotes projects and coordinates participation of club members. Projects have included:

  • Dictionary distribution for third graders
  • Book distribution for kindergarteners
  • Adult literacy program volunteers

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