Membership in Rotary is a wonderful way to promote your business and give back to the community. Not just anyone can join Rotary, however. To become a Rogue Gateway Rotarian, individuals must be sponsored by another Rogue Gateway member as well as meet the approval of the Membership Committee, the Board of Directors, and the general membership. If you are approved for membership, you will be obligated to:

  • Attend at least 50 percent of all meetings
  • Participate in club service projects
  • Pay annual dues to the Rogue Gateway Rotary Club
  • Donate annually to the Rotary Foundation
  • Be an example to fellow Rotarians and others
  • Do all you can to make Rogue Gateway Rotary a better organization

For more information about how to become a Rogue Gateway Rotarian, see our Prospective Member Handout and New Member Application.



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