Earning a blue badge

Red badges are given to all new members until they have completed the following requirements for a blue badge. The red badge is to encourage you to get involved. Please notify the club president or secretary when you have completed these requirements, and your blue badge will be prepared for presentation at a regularly scheduled meeting.

  • Attend a Fireside – This is an evening meeting specifically for new members. Your spouse or significant other is invited to attend. The meeting, held at another member’s home, is an opportunity to review Rogue Gateway and Rotary International themes and to answer your questions. Refreshments are served.
  • Participate in a Community Service Project – A big part of being a Rotarian is participating in community service projects. Service projects change from year to year, but examples include a quarterly highway cleanup day, helping maintain public parks, volunteering at a color run, and helping with the North Valley High School Interact Club.
  • Attend another Rotary Club meeting – There are three other Rotary clubs in Josephine County and several more in Jackson County. You’re encouraged to attend any of these to earn your blue badge (or to do a makeup). A list of local clubs is published in the weekly Navigator, Rogue Gateway’s weekly newsletter. 
  • Attend a Monthly Board Meeting – The Rogue Gateway Rotary Club Board is elected by the members and manages the club affairs. It’s interesting and beneficial to see the board in action conducting club business. The board generally meets at 5:30 p.m. on the fourth Wednesday of the month at Coalition for Kids, 223 SE M St., Grants Pass.
  • Join a Committee – Members are expected to serve on one or more committees.A member committee selection sheet is in your member handbook; please let the club president know which committee(s) you select.
  • Bring a Guest to a Rotary Meeting – This is a way you can let your friends know what Rotary is about and help introduce your club to more people.
  • Be a Greeter for a Month – One of the quickest ways to get to know other members is to be a greeter, welcoming members as they arrive for the weekly lunch meeting. Contact the Sgt. at Arms chair to sign up to be a greeter. 

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